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Our Mission

Our goal is to protect capital and achieve superior long-term results by executing our investment process with discipline.


Core Values

  • Serve Others Before Self.

    We are servants first. We exist solely to improve the lives of those we serve – our client partners, employees, investment partners, our families, and our fellow man.

    Perform With Discipline.

    We are value investors. We demand a margin of safety and recognize that value and growth are different sides of the same coin. We are long-term investors, not speculators. A long-term time horizon is our competitive advantage. We will seek long-term investment partners, and we will never compromise our disciplined approach to sound investment.

    Seek Excellence. Find Success.

    Our focus is on excellence not on success. Success is the by-product of excellence. Our focus is on excellence and competence in all areas. Mediocrity will not exist here. We will execute our investment philosophy without compromise.

    Remain Focused.

    We will stay within our circle of competence and know where that circle ends.

    Never Compromise Integrity.

    We will perform with the highest standards of integrity and honesty in all our endeavors. The time is always right to do what is right. The glimpse of fleeting success will never compromise our standard. We will always perform with integrity and walk with humility.

    Walk The Talk.

    We believe in our discipline of investing. We practice what we preach.

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