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We take pride in serving our clients as a trusted, strategic partner. Our goal is to help them achieve their goals, while building and maintaining solid, long-term relationships based on performance, prompt responsiveness, and clear communication.

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  • C.T. Fitzpatrick, CFA Photo
    Founder, Chairman, Chief Investment Officer, Portfolio Manager

    C.T. Fitzpatrick, CFA

  • Jeff St. Denis Photo
    Principal, President, Chief Executive Officer

    Jeff St. Denis

  • Richard Davis Photo
    Principal, Chief Financial Officer

    Richard Davis

  • Anne Jones Photo
    Principal, Chief Operations Officer

    Anne Jones

  • McGavock Dunbar, CFA Photo
    Principal, Director of Research, Portfolio Manager

    McGavock Dunbar, CFA

  • Stephanie Suttles Photo
    Principal, Chief of Staff

    Stephanie Suttles

  • Stephen Simmons, CFA Photo
    Principal, Portfolio Manager

    Stephen Simmons, CFA

  • Colin Casey Photo
    Principal, Portfolio Manager

    Colin Casey

  • Taylor Cline, CFA Photo
    Principal, Portfolio Manager

    Taylor Cline, CFA

  • Trenton Green Photo
    Principal, Equity Analyst

    Trenton Green

  • Brad Headley, CFA Photo
    Principal, Equity Analyst

    Brad Headley, CFA

  • David Shelton Photo
    Principal, Equity Analyst

    David Shelton

  • Robert Smith, CFA Photo
    Principal, Equity Analyst

    Robert Smith, CFA

  • Daniel Church Photo
    Associate Analyst, Data Science Lead

    Daniel Church

  • Geoff Kiker Photo
    Principal, Head Trader

    Geoff Kiker

  • Michele O’Daniel Photo

    Michele O’Daniel

  • Holmes Hill Photo
    Trading Associate

    Holmes Hill

  • Emily Gardiner Photo
    Research Associate

    Emily Gardiner

  • Jennifer Ferdin Photo
    Executive Assistant

    Jennifer Ferdin

  • James Kelley Photo
    Principal, Director of Client Service & Development

    James Kelley

  • Gary Wilson, CFA Photo
    Client Service & Development

    Gary Wilson, CFA

  • Chris Pickul, CFA Photo
    Client Service & Development

    Chris Pickul, CFA

  • Kelly Meadows Photo
    Client Service Operations Manager

    Kelly Meadows

  • Santiago Hechart Photo
    Client Service & Development

    Santiago Hechart

  • Kim Harwell Photo
    Client Service Assistant

    Kim Harwell

  • Shelly Bridges Photo
    Principal, Director of Communications

    Shelly Bridges

  • Candace Edwards Photo
    Principal, Director of Portfolio Administration

    Candace Edwards

  • Louis Anderson, CPA, CFA Photo
    Principal, Controller

    Louis Anderson, CPA, CFA

  • Josh Jones, CSCP, IACCP Photo
    Chief Compliance Officer

    Josh Jones, CSCP, IACCP

  • Ashley Mann Photo
    Compliance Officer

    Ashley Mann

  • Lockett LaGroue Photo
    Operations Specialist

    Lockett LaGroue

  • Chet Minniear Photo
    Operations Specialist

    Chet Minniear

  • Jason Dees, CIPM Photo
    Principal, Director of Portfolio Analytics

    Jason Dees, CIPM

  • Kelly Jerrell, CIPM Photo
    Principal, Director of Data Management

    Kelly Jerrell, CIPM

  • Jasmyn Montgomery Photo
    Senior Accountant

    Jasmyn Montgomery

  • Laurie Rapier Photo
    Office Manager, Executive Assistant

    Laurie Rapier

  • John Ray Photo
    Principal, Director of IT

    John Ray

  • Charles Read Photo
    Cyber Security Engineer

    Charles Read

  • Mike Streufert Photo
    Systems Administrator

    Mike Streufert

  • Kyle Tribble Photo
    Enterprise Solutions Architect

    Kyle Tribble

  • Jacob Zimmer Photo
    Software Engineer

    Jacob Zimmer

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